Software to take care of your production

"The planning of production or service processes as well as the vision of the resources (material and human) that these processes will use are generally not taken into account in traditional ERP systems. While some solutions exist, they are purely static and cannot take uncertainty into account. However, it has now become essential to have this information available to enable sound and serene management of the company."

BenoƮt Autem, Chief Executive Officer

Towards digitalisation and operational excellence

We are looking for partners with whom to fine-tune our future commercialized product.

"In my previous position as Quality Control Manager in a CDMO specializing in the biotech field, it was a pleasure to interact with competent and motivated people like those on the Rombio team.

The proof of concept carried out with Rombio allowed me to predict whether my department would be understaffed based on the 2022 objectives. This was a useful basis for negotiating the 2022 budget.

David Delvaux, Chief Operating Officer
Cell Matters

Phase 1: Proof of concept

During a proof of concept, we carry out a diagnostic to measure the production capacity, based on demand and resources.

In a few meetings, determine the impact of your possible investments: machines, operators, rooms, etc.

Vary the parameters and determine your recruitment,resource purchase orinfrastructure expansion needs with Rombio.

Phase 2: Operational use

After the proof of concept, you can use Rombio independently for short/medium/long-term planning.

#1 Problem : Learn to model your production processes and become autonomous.

#2 Diagnosis: Find the bottlenecks in your operations. Simulate new investments.

#3 Processing : Artificial intelligence automatically creates optimised and reliable long-term schedules. Follow your operations and adapt your decisions.

Phase 3: Marketing

If the previous phases are successful, you can decide to use Rombio as a strategic and operational management tool.

  • Annual user licence
  • Training
  • Customisation
  • Continuous improvement

Rombio is complementary to your ERP

Our technology will draw information from the various software applications required(ERP, MES, CRM).

Your operators will have a specialized tool that centralizes information from different sources.